Who are we?

      Welcome to Undead Coder Society!

      Undead Coder Society was founded in 2016 with a simple goal in mind: to get away from corporate life and into something more sustainable and healthy. In the years since then I've learned a ton, and what started as a simple ideal has begun to take shape into something that has altered my life in more rewarding ways than I can count.

      In the short term UCS is a blog project that I can use to track my adventures in becoming a self-sustaining person; but my true purpose for this is to share with others the tools and skills that I've learned during those adventures, so that others might step away from their corporate jobs and into solving problems that really matter to them and the communities around them.

      Over the past two years I have found that the world is full of fascinating problems worth solving; and I believe that a group of positive minded people can make a real impact in the world if they can sustain themselves doing it. Because everyone needs to care for themselves and their families first if they ever hope to be able to make an impact in communities at large. And so UCS's long term goal is to establish that framework of personal sustainability so that we can tackle the problems that really matter to us; and maybe find a little more of ourselves in the process.

      Thank you for visiting and showing an interest. If you have any questions or would like to contribute in any way to this project please click the "contact" link above.

      - Ricky

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