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      The Next Step after the Next Step

      I'm sitting in my hotel room in downtown Cleveland filled with exhaustion, inspiration and desire. PyCon 2018 just ended, and somewhere inside me I feel like I'm 10 years behind where I want to be. I have a race of thoughts about why that is, but what's more important is how to proceed forward, and that's what I'm working to start here.

      One of my major struggles in life has always been with motivation. I have moments of incredible inspiration that are slow whittled away by the daily grind. There are some day to day habits that I can get more in line for myself, but the biggest change I can make for myself is staying invigorated by the work that I'm doing. Some of my focuses in the next few weeks will be as follows:

      • I am going to refocus on the purpose of my work. So much concern has been about making money that I've lost the dream in what I'm working on.
      • I am going to make my schedule and keep to it. This will be greatly aided by an extra focus.
      • I am going to clean up my relationship with two friends/customers that I've made promises to without delivering. What was an honest intent has become something that doesn't make sense for me, but I need to own that with these two because it's in the way of what I really want to accomplish.
      • I am going to sell myself. I have some skills, but it's time to really start owning the fact that I have these skills and start making money in a way that is also true to who I want to be.
      • I am going to write more blog posts. Right now I think no one reads this but me, but this is a great spot to track my personal and professional journey; and I'll be glad to have this years from now.
      • I am also going to write more music.
      • I am going to check in with myself more. This means putting time on my calendar to reflect and refocus.
      • I am going to stop discouraging myself over small failures. The small ones only lead to big ones when I let them.
      • I am going to start contributing to open source software. That is going to be a journey, but I've found a community that I really want to be a member of.... now it's time to do the work to become a respected and active member of it.
      • I am going to have more forgiveness, for myself and others.

      This is the start of something greater..... Signing off for now. Thanks for reading!

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